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These Friction Screw presses are ideal for hot forming (Forgings) and cold coining, as well as stamping, embossing, and sizing nonferrous metals. The press body is made of steel welded together in a one-piece box shape. The press body is set free of stress after welding. The screw is composed of high-quality alloy steel that has been heat treated to give it both toughness and suppleness. This type of fly wheel screw press is distinguished by the fact that the fly wheel is attached to an accelerated at the start of the working stroke, then braked to a stop by the actual forming process .As a result, the total kinetic energy stored in the fly wheel released screw press has no kinetically set bottom dead Centre point in common with drop forging itself or by stops in the tool, resulting in an advantage tool height adjustment is removed and forging accuracy is improved.

We Manufacture Friction Screw Machine Capacity From 50 Tons to 800 Tons 

Technical Specifications


  • High useful working energy.

  •  Overload protection by slipping wheel.

  •  Thermally stable ram guide ways with wear-proof guide gibs.

  •  High forging precision.

  •  No need to readjust ram with machine warming up.

  •  No jamming under load possible.

  •  Long Die life because of short Pressure-Contact Times.

  •  Sequence of different strokes on one work piece possible.

  •  Totally closed die forging capability.

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