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Pneumatic Power Press

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Pneumatic Power Press

These machines are used for blanking, cutting, piercing, trimming, drawing, reducing, stamping, punching, and bending. These Power presses cover the whole spectrum of pressing and shaping activities, allowing the customer to choose the equipment that best meets his needs. The right press may be determined by taking into account the purpose, the size of the produced items, the material to be utilised, and the needed output. Power presses that we create have a steel constructed frame and are made using the best raw materials that have been evaluated for long life, efficiency, and durability. We also perform stress relief on all manufactured frames and seasoning casting in accordance with industry standards. The power press has an electro pneumatically driven plate friction clutch and brake combination. Even when subjected to multi-shift usage, the pneumatic clutch has shown to be the most durable. The clutch and brake allow the ram to be stopped instantly at any point during the down-stroke. We also construct customized Power presses to fulfil the particular needs of our customers, ranging from 10 to 1000 tones in capacity.


Technical Specifications

Frame :- The Power Press Frame is fracture-proof all welded single piece construction made from fine tested steel with suitable cross ribbings. The steel constructed frame is stress relieved for having long life, high efficiency, utility and reliability. The advantages of steel construction :-

a) Higher modulus of elasticity

b) Higher strength

c) Due to a) and b), smaller cross-sections, hence rigid frame

d) Absorb the heavy work load

Pneumatic Clutch & Brake :- Pneumatic Combination Clutch/Brake comprises of a clutch & spring applied disc brake which is air actuated. The Pneumatic clutch & brake linked with the fly wheel engages when the push button is pressed. The pneumatic clutch has proved to be the most durable and, even when subjected to multi-shift operation. The clutch and brake permit the instantaneous stopping of ram at any point during the down-stroke. The clutch is rigid and well supported. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass production and have long operating times.

Crank Shaft :- Crank shaft is made from special alloy steel and is having large bearing surfaces for smooth running fitted in bronze bushes, finished to proper tolerances are provided for long life.

Gears :- The gears produced by our production units are able to fulfil all the standards. We use the best quality of raw materials for these gears. The team which is accountable for introspecting the quality standard of the manufactured gears, is comprised of experts having pool of knowledge in this respective fields.

Flywheel :- Flywheel is made from high grade cast iron. The Fly wheel are characterized by the fact that the fly wheel connected to accelerated at the start of working stroke. The fly wheel provides a predetermined amount of energy to the job and used for storing and releasing adequate energy for the pressing operations, and properly balanced for smooth running.

Lubrication :- The Purpose of the lubrication is to provide a film to ease the movement of the material over the tool and to reduce wear and tear on the latter. The lubricant is often required to cool the tool in addition. The lubricant is applied by hand pump or Motorised pump

Table & Ram :- Table and Ram are made of high grade heavy duty cast iron & properly seasoned. They are perfectly aligned, to each other to obtain high accuracy & precision press operation.

 Standard Accessories

 Optional Accessories

Motorised Lubrication Pump

Die Cushion

Anti vibration mounts

Hydraulic overload safety device

Pneumatic feeder

Anti repeat Safety Device

Electric motor 

Tie Rods 

Foundation bolts

Special Electric controls

Hand safety sensors 

PLC controlled system

Electronic stroke counter

Pneumatic clutch​

Motor Pulley

Slide Adjustable Spanner

Fly Wheel guard

Gear guard


Air filter

Control panel

Two hand push button control station

Lubrication pump for all moving parts

Bronze metal bushes

Birson Forgings is Manufacturer and Exporter of Friction Screw Presses (Down Stroke) , Forging Screw Presses (Up-Stroke) , H-Frame Power Presses, C-Frame Power Presses, Cross Shaft Presses, Knuckle Joint Presses . 

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