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The range of pressing and forming operations covered by our Power presses is extensive. The press frame is fashioned like a 'C' and is manufactured from a single piece of weld body. Blanking, piercing, stamping, bending trimming, and clinching are the most common operations performed on these presses.

We create Power Presses with a steel constructed frame and the highest quality raw materials that have been proven for long life, efficiency, and durability. We also stress relieve all manufactured frames and season all castings according to industry standards. A pedal-operated rolling key clutch is included with these presses.

Presses with a high degree of success. C type power press machine, C-type power press machine, C type power press machines, power press machine, power press machines, and c frame press machine are some of the products that we manufacture.

 We have a large selection of Power Press Machines to suit all budgets. The following is a price list for our Power Press Machines. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Capacity from 30 to 500 Ton

Technical Specifications


  •  High useful working energy.

  •  Mechanical energy store.

  •  Overload protection by slipping wheel.

  •  Thermally stable ram guide ways with wear-proof guide gibs.

  •  High forging precision.

  •  No need to readjust ram with machine warming up.

  •  No jamming under load possible.

  •  Long Die life because of short Pressure-Contact Times.

  •  Sequence of different strokes on one work piece possible.

  •  Totally closed die forging capability.

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